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What rights do ESA owners have after getting a valid ESA letter? - 2021 Guide
Mental health is something that everyone takes for granted until it begins to be disturbed and challenged. When you are well-adjusted, you have a degree of independence and control over your life. You get up on time, get ready for work, and make yourself some breakfast while you do so. At the same time, you may decide to get a load of laundry done before you leave for work. This kind of multi-tasking keeps you up to ESA letter speed with all kinds of self-care and chores.

When you are healthy, you may decide to go out with friends, get some groceries, or simply get an appointment at a spa to kick back and relax. As stress, anxiety, and depression takes hold of you, you may find all this to be impossible to do.
Normal Functioning and Mental Illness…
There is a major discrepancy in how people function socially before and after the onset of symptoms of mental illness. People find it increasingly hard to keep up with simple commitments like going out with friends or arranging dinner.
Gradually, normalcy may slip away, taking all the sense of control and independence in its wake. Although the only solution to these problems comes in the form of extensive mental health treatments, most of the discomfort can be lifted with the right kind of social support.
Pets and Mental Health…
For many, this comes in the form of an animal. Animals are the antidotes for the negativity that a mental health condition may bring. They can alleviate the feeling of loneliness, helplessness, and hopelessness which is a hallmark of deteriorating mental health. Although they are not alternatives for therapy, they can work wonders when it comes to maintaining come control, independence, and effective social life.
If your pet accompanies you, you may find it easier to get your groceries done or get the usual tasks of going to a barber to be carried out on time. If you think there is no way that your pet can be with you while you get a haircut, you are in for a surprise!
The Good News…
Your pets can not only follow you to a barbershop, but to the theater, any restaurant, pools, and even planes. You can have your pet live with you without any constraints being posed by the landlord. Renting a space for you and your furry friend has never been this easy.
Multiple Animals…
You can even choose to have more than one such animal living under the same roof as you and following you around no matter where you go, acting as a buffer between your anxiety and the daily requirements of your life.
Your landlord can be made responsible for granting you and your pet access to a decent living space without any limitations or charging hefty fees. By law, the landlords lose their right to object to the pet you need to be with you at all times.
While traveling, you can have the said animal with you only by filling in certain forms assuring the airline of the passable behavior, safety, and health of your pet. The pets can belong to any species until they are easy to manage and be kept inside living spaces. An animal must not be dangerous at all, otherwise, anyone reserves the right to refuse to allow its presence within their space.
Emotional Support Letters and Your Rights…
All these are the rights that an emotional support animal letter can confer upon you. This letter can be obtained through an authentic service requiring you to do nothing other than filling in an application form. This form is then reviewed by a licensed mental health professional who will decide upon your eligibility to own an emotional support animal. Only such a practitioner can issue an approved ESA letter.
There are a number of such services available online but many of them claim to issue a cheap ESA letter while stating that they will get you and your pet registered or licensed in exchange for hefty charges. All such services can be written off as scams because you don’t need any proof of registration or any kind of license.
Even if the application is never reviewed by a mental health practitioner who has been licensed by the state, your letter cannot be authentic. The letter is issued if and only if you satisfy certain criteria according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and no layman can make this diagnosis possible.
If you are in doubt of the veracity of a certain service’s claims, you can go through an ESA letter for housing to make matters easier for you. These samples are freely available online. This letter costs you nothing but a minimal fee and can reach you fairly quickly (in about two weeks).
You can also keep more than one emotional support animal without having to apply for another letter. The same letter will be applicable to multiple animals for one year. After a year, this letter has to be renewed to remain effective.
Even when the ESA letter can hold all stakeholders to be responsible to accommodate your pet, you cannot keep animals that are dangerous, poisonous, untrained, medically unfit, or not able to be domesticated. Public spaces have to be duly respected. If you follow these basic guidelines, you can live a healthier life while your pet acts as a buffer between the negative consequences of your mental health challenges and normal, responsible life.

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