Marta Dueñas

Marta Dueñas, PhD

Marta Dueñas work in the Molecular Biology Unit at CIEMAT-Fundación de Investigación Hospital 12 de Octubre (Madrid) where she is the project leader for liquid biopsy in genitourinary tumors. She focuses her research in bladder cancer and her main areas of interest and expertise are in biomarker identification and validation for diagnostic and response prediction to BCG and immunotherapy in tissue samples as well as in urine as well as in the study and comprehension of TME in bladder cancer development, progression and resistance to therapy. Marta did her Ph.D in Immunotechology at the Wallenberg Laboratory in Lund University (Sweden) and then was post-doctoral fellow and Head of the Genomic Department at CIGB in Havana (Cuba). Since 2009 she has been working at CIEMAT as a Senior Scientist and has been studying the molecular bases of solid tumors (HNSCC, Breast, Lung, Renal and Bladder). She has participated in 62 total scientific publications (H index 22) and 5 international patent applications, has directed 2 doctoral thesis (2 more ongoing) and 7 master degree thesis. She combines her research activity with decency by participating as a professor in several post graduate courses.