About us

The Liquid Biopsy (LB) and Biomarker Working Module

This Work Module is formed to foster a transversal collaboration and LB research amongst the different programs of CIBERONC Network, which is formed by researchers from six different programs, Gastrointestinal Tumors, Low Prevalence Tumours, Respiratory Tract Tumours, Breast Cancer, Haematological Tumours and Mechanisms of tumour progression.

The main objective of this Module is to establish a platform for the standardization and promotion of the Liquid Biopsy within the CIBERONC network.

Specific aims


To serve as a hub to provide information about the laboratories and researchers participating in the network of the Liquid Biopsy field

ICON Protocol

Provide standardized liquid biopsy protocols, and additional technological tools

ICON Updates

Provide updates with the most recent LB research findings and collaboration opportunities

ICON Resources

Interface to engage human and technological resources and promote interaction between CIBERONC groups

ICON Promote

Promote the understanding of the liquid biopsy applications for clinicians and patients