Silvia Calabuig

Silvia Calabuig, PhD

Silvia Calabuig is a post-doctoral fellow and Head of the Liquid Biopsy Section at the Molecular Oncology Laboratory of the Fundación para la Investigación del Hospital General Universitario de Valencia (FIHGUV). She is also a doctorate lecturer at Universitat de València and a member of Respiratory Tract Tumors Group of CIBERONC in the group of Dr Camps and Dr. Jantus.
Silvia Calabuig has a PhD in Biology (2009) from the Pathology Department of Universitat de Valencia. She is co-author of more than 50 indexed publications (H-index 15), most of them in Q1 in the field of Oncology and currently participates in several national and international projects in oncology research. She is a molecular biologist with expertise in the discovery of liquid biopsy biomarkers (cfDNA, exosomes, CTCs) in translational research.